The W.O.S.D. Security Section, endeavours to support and promote individuals as well as security enterprises. For admission you need not have previous knowledge of security techniques or qualifications.
We regularly run technical courses, safety and protection of individuals training courses through our own specialist instructors. We find this approach makes works well for the W.O.S.D. Security Section and maintains it as an independent association.
The W.O.S.D. Security Section recognises existing qualifications and awards and ratifies these with the addition of issuing an W.O.S.D. – ICB - ISS diplomas. Through our ‘Office for Study of Conflict and Tactics’ of the ‘International Security Service’ the W.O.S.D. Security Section offers a range of training courses covering various specialist areas, including: laws, first aid, firearms, close combat, evasive driving, Tonfa/ Baton- training, door supervisor security, psychology, electronic communication, international terrorism, drug awareness, weapon specialist and explosives, Security management, Observation, etc. (Note: some courses are only available to Police and Military personnel). All training is delivered to a very high quality standard and only by fully qualified specialists from each specialist area.