Law enforcements

For sworn law enforcement personnel only. Includes relevant curriculum issues such as combatives, weapon retention, arrest/control, and use of force issues. As the official defensive tactics system of Special Defense Forces’s taht are our Instructors, Our Program has been tested in every law enforcement and military environment, from front lines to back streets, from prisoner transport to "take no prisoners".
W.O.S.D. Force Training Division - R.A.P.I.D. System has taken important steps to refine Self Defence for the needs of Worldwide law enforcement. Keenly aware of use-of-force issues facing law enforcement, OUR INSTRUCTORS gathered top authorities in the use-of-force field, including: • deputy district attorneys • police liability defense lawyers • police administrators • top defensive tactics instructors The W.O.S.D. – R.A.P.I.D. System law enforcement-training curriculum has been divided into ten basic areas: • Combatives • Self Defense • Weapon Retention • Defensive Tactics Against Threats Involving Handgun • Defensive Tactics Against Attacks With A Blunt Object (Stick) • Defensive Tactics Against Attacks With An Edged Weapon (Knife) • Defensive Tactics Against Threats With A Shotgun/Rifle/SMG • Utilizing Impact Weapons for Defensive Purposes and Striking Techniques • Arrest & Control / Officer Safety Tactics • Ground Fighting (Law Enforcement Applications) • well as advanced training areas, including Special Operations.