Who we are

We introduce ourself like an "organization" and it means that W.O.S.D.© has a management which works in a unmistakable way : We promote without any distinctions, each martial art style or combat style which is a regular W.O.S.D.© member ( in accordance with W.O.S.D.© code ) We promote national and international cross training or stages dedicated to self defence , with presence of styles wich are our members , together with their instructors - technical directors - students ) We want to promote self defence studies , it means to develop our plans without preconception about any martial art background or birth area ... in order to work boundless together. All head instructors will work together on the W.O.S.D.© project in order to promote martial arts events ( supported by W.O.S.D.© like supervisor ).
Our organizzation is like a round table where each member can propose , organize and take part in our martial arts events , under the W.O.S.D.'s aegis : we aren't under control of plutocracy principles ( like some federations...) , our rules are direct to give to each W.O.S.D.© member the option to express himself .
So, we are not a " martial arts method " or " martial art style". We are a central point where are united various martial art styles and wher they can find a new way to promote their styles and where W.O.S.D.© will be the central-head meeting point .